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No New Posts Information Center!

All the helpfull info can be found here, from the plot to face claim. Please post all questionson the "Questions" board.

7 12 Timeline
by Miss.Oreo
Jun 13, 2012 4:03:48 GMT
No New Posts News Center!

This is where all the current news of the site goes. Most updates will show up here. News may affect in-character and out-of-character conditions.

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No New Posts Questions?

Post all your problems here. A staff member will look it over, and eventually reply. Feel free to bump if no one replies within a few days. Also if your taking a hiatus please post it here! Thank you!

Sub-boards: Suggestion Box, Hiatus

by Matthias Huntmen
May 21, 2014 0:41:27 GMT
No New Posts The Plug!

Come here to advertise and affiliate!

Sub-boards: First Timers!, Link Backs!, Affiliates!

529 547 SDS: New Age
by Heart
Oct 13, 2017 19:44:22 GMT
No New Posts Staff Room!

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No New Posts Games!

All OOC games go here.Feelfree to randomly join one,unless it has [CLOSED]in the title. Or create a game!

Sub-board: Lounge

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No New Posts Plotting!

Come here to get all your plotting done. Request people to plot with you, request people to make characters needed for a plot, post plot ideas, character dairies, relationship threads, and whatever else you come up with.

Sub-boards: Thread Tracker, Character Dairies, Character Relations, Character Requests, Plot Requests

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»»» Birth

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No New Posts File Application!

Here, is the little thing the government uses to track all of its little toys. It has everything;from birth to present day.

Demons - not encouraged,
Vampires - encouraged,
Test Subjects - not encouraged,
Werewolves - encouraged,
Humans - NEEDED

5 11 Haru Hoshi
by Matthias Huntmen
Oct 1, 2014 5:44:23 GMT
No New Posts Top Secret Files!

All Files will be moved here after they are accepted. If you post your app here, you will be denied. If this happens again, deleted.

Sub-boards: The Ladies &&, Gentleman!

71 143 Rain Hale
by Miss.Oreo
May 31, 2012 13:04:37 GMT

»»» Divinity

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No New Posts The Military District

This district is home to the entire military of Divinity. It exists on the northern most border of Olympus the capital city of Divinity. Only those involved with the Military can come here.

Sub-boards: Zone 1 - Airforce, Zone 2 - Mecha, Zone 3 - Barracks, Zone 4 - Training & Armory, Zone 5 - Infirmary, Zone 6 - Command and Communications

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No New Posts The Downtown District

This is where everyone comes to enjoy themselves or to shop. This supplies a huge amount of job to the residents of the residents of Olympus, and a it also supplies a huge amount of fun.

Sub-boards: Shopping Sub-Division, Party Sub-Division, Recreation Sub-division

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No New Posts The Residential District

This is where the citizens of Olympus, Divinity live. It's pretty much a short commute between the residential district and the downtown district, but in some place the two districts overlap.

Sub-boards: Rank A Housing, Rank B Housing, Rank C Housing

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No New Posts The Production District

Everything that is produced and sold in Olympus is created here if not imported. This is where the "farms" are and where many teenagers get a job to support themselves while they stay in Rank C Housing. This is also the birthplace of all bioroids.

Sub-boards: Food Production, Bioroid Production

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»»» Liba City

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No New Posts Town Square

This is where parades make their appearances and where New Years celebrations leave a huge mess. Lots of festivals are held here, and people hang out here in the large clearing. There is rainbow colored brick tiling so that its easy to walk on, and plenty of benches all over the place. You can find lots of small food stands to buy food, and this is pretty much the center of Liba City, surrounded by skyscrapers and the rest of the notable places in Liba City.

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No New Posts North Eastern Neighborhood

This is where the "good" citizens of Liba reside. They are all middle-class to filthy rich citizens of Liba. You can tell as you look around where the middle class lives and where the rich live. The sidewalks are more like boulevards that seem to stretch on forever in an organized grid pattern, and it stays that way until you get to the rolling hills where mansions sit spaced apart.

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No New Posts The Slums

This is the poorest, trashiest, and most dangerous area of Liba. this is where manufacturing booms, and humanity suffers. The government has been trying to clean this place up for years, but nothing has been working. it seems like at night many of the youth disappear here.

Sub-boards: East-side Alleys, Ghetto Housing, Furnace House, Skyton's Dump, Black Market, The Mn'M Headquarters

1 1 Spring and Stars [Lightning]
by Haru Hoshi
Oct 1, 2014 14:57:06 GMT
No New Posts Skyton's Mall

This is Liba City's official Mall. It is huge, and full of luxurious stores and fun places to hang out. Its a hot spot for teens these days, but those who hang around in the early morning hours have a habit of disappearing.

Sub-boards: The Food Court, Toby's Frozen Yogurt, Skyton Karaoke, Fashion Police Central, The Aracade

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No New Posts Emerald Plaza

This is where all the casual stores are. Most people shop here before considering the Skyton mall. Its a pleasant place, with friendly people.

Sub-boards: Amy's Tailoring, Farmer's Market, Lee's Market

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No New Posts Downtown

Liba City's downtown, where all the fun and action happens. The neon lights and late night shows are spectacular, and what happens downtown, stays downtown.

Sub-boards: Dancers' Paradise, Aquatic Wonderland, The Cosplay Cafe', Broadway

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No New Posts Lillith's Lake

This lake is huge, and actually has a system of underwater caves somewhere in the middle of the lake. There has always been stories of a lake monster circulating, but no one has ever actually gotten any evidence of a lake monster existing. The lake is frequented by fishermen, and the shores of the lake are surrounded by forestry. This area is in a tucked away area of the large capital city of Liba, but still inside the protective walls of Liba City.

Sub-boards: Lake Shore and Pier, The Willow Forest

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No New Posts Edge Park

The edge park is the biggest recreational area in Liba. It marks the southern border of Liba City. The huge wall surrounding Liba can be seen here, but besides the whole border patrol the place is a great hangout. Although, at night its best not to go here alone since people tend to go missing here.

Sub-boards: The Wall, The Park Trails, The Playground, The Hoverboard Park

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»»» Liba's North Perch

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No New Posts Open Range

Oh sweet home on the range! Not really, the only creatures that call this place home is the critters that runa round and live there. Many wild horse herds roam the grounds, but so do rattlesnakes, cougars, coyotes, wolves. Deer, rhino and tigers are also known to live here, but the rhinos and tigers came from zoos that fell apart thousands of years ago and released wild animals upon the land. Watch out for those scary creatures.

Sub-boards: Heartlands, Eastern Desert, Cattle Creek, Northern Grasslands, Phantom Stallion Beach

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No New Posts The North Perch Residential Areas

Many of the residents of the North Perch live here. There are only two different living areas, Pelican Point where the wealthy residents live in their huge houses, and Misty Village where a close community of the middle class is living.

Sub-boards: The Misty Village, Pelican Point

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No New Posts The Farmlands

This is where all of Liba's cowgirls and cowboys of Liba live. Acres after acres of land are called home to these farmers. Some of them raise cattle, others have dairy cows, and many raise crops. The Rodeo Arena is also here.

Sub-boards: The Felton Dairy, The Alloy Ranch, The Rodeo Arena

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No New Posts The Town

The very small and quiet town is just a place the residents visit on occasion, its not really a town. Really "the town" is just what the locals call this place because its the closest thing to a downtown they have. It's really a treat to go here for North Perch residents. Most residents only come into town to stock up on supplies than go home, but if you stop by the Diner or the mall you'll have a great time!

Sub-boards: The North Perch Mall, Diana's Diner, The Supermarket, North Perch Library

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No New Posts Sierra Nevada Ski Lodge

This ski lodge is one of the very few resorts in Liba. It is famous, and many schools take field trips here since it is open year-round. This beautiful resort has affordable prices, but plenty of luxury. People who come here usually pass through North Perch first, and there are buses that transport people from the resort to the town and back.

Sub-boards: Resort Pool & Hot Springs & Sauna , The Slopes, The Private Cabins, The Resort's Hotel, The Resort Lobby

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»»» Scarlet Rose Academy

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No New Posts Surface

The shed sits in the center of the clearing, the entry way to hell. Green grass is filling every inch of this land, so green its unnatrual. No bugs live here, not even so much as a single ant. All the chemicals would have killed it.

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No New Posts Level 5

This is the only level of the SRA that is even remotely close to being academy. This level is probably one of the largest. Here is everything educational, from classrooms to libraries, to music rooms, to work shop. There aren't many teachers, so the children pretty much have creative freedom to learn whatever the heck they want. No classes are required, and you only show up when you want to, but there are set times for class to start and they won't let you in if you are late.

Sub-boards: Art Room, Classrooms, Music Room, H20 Training Facilities, Work Shop and Crafts Center, Library

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No New Posts Level 4

Here is the staff dorms and movie room. This is an actual movie room where the poor souls trapped here who have behaved well are allowed to watch movies. The staff dorms consist of small apartments meant for one person each, although a few are built for more than that since a few families live here. They are personalized and like any real apartment, except they have alarm systems in case anything goes wrong inside the Scarlet Rose. The staff dorms allow staff to be present 24/7...

Sub-boards: Staff Dorms, Movie Chamber, Yet Another Hallway...

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No New Posts Level 3

This is the living area for the Test Subjects. Their rooms have fiberglass walls, and are impossible for even the W group's toxic claws to melt through. It is split into sections so that the successful test subjects and the ones still being created are separated. The cafeteria is also found here, where test subjects are allowed to come eat if they behave well. Misbehaving test subjects have food delivered to their cells, so they can't leave their cell at all. Only the good behaving test subjects are allowed to leave their cells, and those who misbehave suffer terrible consequences.

Sub-boards: Cells of the successful., Cells of the Unfinished., Hallways, Cafeteria

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No New Posts Level 2

A white room. Pure white. Beds with straps on them are pushed against the walls, syringes and a big jar of red fluid placed on the white table. This is where all normal human teenagers turn into subjects. The laboratory where this is done takes up a large part of the floor. However down the hall is an even larger room where successful test subjects are trained in hand to hand combat, and how to handle weapons, the weapons they use are almost exactly like the real things but they only shoot paint balls. Sometimes in training the test subjects have to fight each other, using only their bodies and paintball guns. If anyone gets seriously injured they are sent to the infirmary where the nurse uses the magical blood of the vampire king to heal any ailment.

Sub-boards: Operating Room, Training Room, Infirmary

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No New Posts Level 1

In one small room is a pale, man. He happens to be the king of Vampires. He is chained to the wall, and the chain is just long enough for him to move around his cell. His cell is the same as the test subject's but he can't leave. He's got chains around one foot and one wrist, keeping him chained to the cell. Every day the scientists come and draw a large amount of his blood, he's weakened by this and is unable to escape. They also deliver him blood and food so he won't starve. He wouldn't be able to die from starvation, but it's better he be healthy. Test subjects are allowed to go look at him, and chat with him. He is the reason most of them survived becoming a test subject after all. In other places on the floor are the other captured monsters, with similar problems.

Sub-boards: The King's Chamber, Werewolf Cells, Demon Cells

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»»» No Man's Land

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No New Posts Americana Beach

When Liba was created, all wanted to show some sort of respect to the country that once occupied this land. So, they named the long, golden beaches after the country America. the ocean rolls in in little waves, sometimes bringing in treasures!

Sub-board: Aqualuna Cave

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No New Posts Liban Forest

This forest is unlike any other on the planet Earth. You see, Liba is actually in the remaints of an older, much larger country, called America. When the Trees Clappsed, America was already a dead country, so all remaining countries sent their drones to terraform it into the plush forest it is today. Liba is nestles on the coast, near what used to be Los Angeles. Be carefun in these woods, though. Always brimming with Agents, you could find yourself within the camp deep inside...

Sub-boards: Abandoned Camp, Bella's Meadow

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No New Posts The Werewolf Capital

Hidden deep in the woods and protected by a gigantic wall the werewolf capital is almost undetectable. This is the home of many werewolves, although 1% of the population is non-werewolf. The werewolf capital consists of a castle, and a huge city of werewolves. It is a very lively place, with plenty to do.

Sub-boards: The Wall, The Castle, The Housing District, The Market Place, The Black Market

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No New Posts The Vampire Capital

This is the somewhat small and quiet vampire capital. Few vampires live here, and those that do are extremely powerful individuals. Since the kidnapping of their king the Vampire Capital has been the center of political debate about what to do in his absence. In the last fourteen years very little has been done to save the king and now their attention has turned towards a band of rebels in their mix called the MnM who seem to cause trouble for everyone.

Sub-boards: Crimson Village, The Castle Grounds, The Castle Ballroom

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112 223 Aki Mavorik
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86 411 test
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229 3,089 You always had the B E S T of me (Breezy)
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